Music Distribution Reviews Tunecore

Tunecore 2020 review (5/5 Stars)

TuneCore is the actual leader of music distribution for indie artists. Existing since years and years, they are a reliable company but the most expensive one. What is TuneCore? TuneCore is a renowned music distribution platform that has been around for long time. It was one of the first company permitting to sell its music online. To […]

Music Distribution MusicDiffusion Reviews

MusicDiffusion 2020 review (4/5 Stars)

What is MusicDiffusion? MusicDiffusion is the new kid on the block of the online music distribution. Launched in 2018, the company quickly became one of the big names with their incredible prices and unlimited plan permitting to distribute any release and artist you want for a small fee and for a complete year. Since, many […]

Distrokid Music Distribution Reviews

Distrokid 2020 review – (3,5/5 Stars)

DistroKid’s pricing structure  Compared to the pricing models of established digital music distributors like Reverb Nation, CD Baby, TuneCore, and the growing roster of new, unproven companies that offer their services for free, DistroKid lands squarely in the middle. At just $20 per-year for their least expensive tier of service, musicians can upload an unlimited […]

CD Baby Music Distribution Reviews

CD Baby 2020 review – (4/5 Stars)

A Well-Known Online Music Store  It is one of the best known online record stores, so music fans go there in droves to look for new albums. Also, the staff is stacked with music lovers who listen to every album they sell so that they can advise their customers. If you are willing to take […]

Music Distribution

Music Distributors 2020 Comparative

Alright, you’re now ready to distribute your new music and it’s time to choose the best music distribution for you. This page will permit you to find the one that fits you best. What Are Music Distribution Services? In 2021, it is easier than ever to sell your music on major platforms such as Tidal, Amazon […]