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Tunecore 2020 review (5/5 Stars)

TuneCore is the actual leader of music distribution for indie artists. Existing since years and years, they are a reliable company but the most expensive one.

What is TuneCore?

TuneCore is a renowned music distribution platform that has been around for long time. It was one of the first company permitting to sell its music online.

To use this service, you only have to open an account with them

What you will learn from every single TuneCore review is that the site is very professional.

More than sell your music and wait for it to get sold to a number of interested people, it also provides remarkable statistics and very crucial information that will enable you to grow your music in the best way. You get to keep 100% of your royalties.

As an artist, you get to earn every single cent from the sale of your music, something that is both amazing and rare.


TuneCore also provides you with a conduit to gain access to some of the most incredible online music stores. These include Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Tidal, iTunes, Spotify and YouTube among many others.

TuneCore requires you to pay a subscription fee that is often much more than many other music distribution platforms such as Cd Baby. Despite the steep prices, TuneCore is still the leader in 2020.

Price and plans

TuneCore pricing and plans are a little bit expensive than most sites, but in return, you get incredible services.

You will sign up for free, but then you will be required to pay a subscription fee before accessing their services.

The distribution fee for a single song is $9.99. For an album that has more than two songs, you will be required to pay $29.99. They also charge an annual fee of $29.99 of an album and $9.99 for a single. For two years and beyond, you will be required to pay $49.99.

For Social pro, you will be required to pay $10.99 for a monthly subscription and $118.99 annually.


  • You will run with the leader of indie music distribution
  • You get access to a huge number of reputable online stores
  • You are provided with various payment and withdrawal methods.
  • You get to keep 100% of your royalties.
  • It comes with TuneCore social app.
  • Has a number of payout methods.
  • You can access customer support from Monday to Friday.
  • You will be able to access UPC and ISRC codes at no cost.
  • Allows the user to make changes without re-uploading.
  • You will be able to access iTunes pre-release feature.
  • You get to access publishing and licensing services.


  • You have to pay an annual fee.
  • The site discards your music if you don’t pay.
  • Lacks SoundExchange.
  • Some hidden fees like take 20% YouTube commissions.
  • They charge most of their options like for publishing your music on new stores (For exemple, if you released your music 2 years ago and want to go live now on TikTok which is emerging, it will cost you).
  • Charges annual fees for most products.

Our rating about Tunecore: 5/5 ⭐


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Tunecore is a very good company, and an old one. But their costs are very high if you are not a pro artist. Therefor I moved to Music diffusion which is cheaper and as good.

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